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LightingDoes your home have poor lighting, or do you simply want to rearrange your lights to give your home a different mood? Either way, we at Tubro Construction have got you covered. Indoor lighting is a central component of interior design and it is essential to providing the relaxation and comfort that everyone wants in their home. However, your lights also consume a large portion of your electric bill, making energy efficiency another factor to consider. When you choose us to install your lighting, we take both interior design and energy efficiency into consideration when helping you form a lighting layout.

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Not Sure What Kind of Lighting Your Living Space Needs?

Different types of lighting to consider include:

  • Task lighting - Functional and most concentrated type of light and used for activities such as reading or inspection of materials.
  • Accent lighting - Mainly decorative and used to highlight paintings and other elements of interior design.
  • General lighting - Used for general illumination of a large area. This includes overhead lights, lamps, or security lights for the outdoors.
  • Incandescent lighting - Incandescent light is a source of electric light that is supplied by heat-driven light emissions.
  • Compact fluorescent lighting - These bulbs use less energy while providing the same amount of light as an incandescent bulb.

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Whether you are in need of exterior or interior lighting, we provide a vast amount of options in order to help you get exactly what you want. Though interior lighting often takes the priority, exterior lighting is also an essential element to making your home look inviting and friendly while providing an extra level of security. We want nothing more than to provide beautiful lighting for your home, both inside and out, while also presenting energy-efficient options that can reduce your monthly electric bill.

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