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At Tubro Construction, our Seattle construction specialists repair and install fences in a timely and cost-efficient manner. No matter the task, our team applies attention and detail to every job we take. We have handled thousands of jobs over the years, and know what it takes to provide our customers with a final product they will be completely satisfied with.

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Types of Fences We Can Install

There are several types of fences that can serve various purposes. If you have an animal that you wish to contain, a chain link fence is an excellent option. If you are looking for as much privacy as possible, a tall vinyl fence can achieve that. No matter your need, our highly skilled construction team can help you design and install the perfect fence for you!

Other types of fences include:

  • Wood
  • Aluminum
  • Electric
  • Bamboo
  • PVC

Tips for Maintaining Your Fence

Once your new and beautiful fence is installed, there are several things you can do to ensure that it stays beautiful and durable for years to come.

We recommend the following tips for maintaining a beautiful fence:

  • Clean out debris - By removing weeds, rocks, and dirt from the gate hinges, you can prevent your fence from rusting and accumulating general wear and tear.
  • Hire an exterminator - Small insects such as termites or ants can cause significant damage to your fence. Contact an exterminator if you find any of these pests on your fence.
  • Clean annually - You can keep your fense shining and functional by annually cleaning your fence with a hose and soap.
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Prompt & Professional Deck Repair Services

At Tubro Construction, we provide timely and affordable fence repairs and installations for members throughout our community. Contact us today for your free estimate!

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Tubro Construction strives to maintain a safe, well-trained, and productive workforce where employees are valued and are seen as an integral part of our business success. Most of our employees have been with us three to five years or more!

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